The update from SAS Italy 10 april 2019: Good evening to all, those who do not know me I am Valeriomarco Mambelli and I will be the manager of the WUSV World Championship to be held in October in Italy.
I apologize from the SAS for the delay, but only yesterday I officially got the job. As you all know the world championship will take place in Modena from 2 to 6 October. As for our Agility World Championship, it will start on Wednesday 2nd October and end on Saturday 5th with the final of the team competition. in the coming days you will find all the information on the site.
I anticipate the program:
Wednesday 2 October there will be registrations, veterinary checks, training and a meeting with team leaders.
the races will take place in the morning.
Thursday 3 there will be the opening ceremony of the World Championship and the first two rounds (Agility and Jumping)
Friday 4 more heats (agility and Jumpig)
Saturday 5 the last two heats (agility and Jumping) and in the afternoon there will be the final of the team competition and then the closing ceremony with the awards.
However in the coming days both the detailed program and the regulation will be published.
Thank you again for your patience and if you have any questions, I am here for you ... in the meantime, everyone in the field to train, will be a good world championship with many surprises. The competitions will take place only in the morning, to give space to those of obedience in the afternoon. we will compete outside the stadium and only the final will take place, Saturday afternoon, inside the stadium where the awards will also be made. there will be two judges (one Italian and a second international judge) but the names have not yet been confirmed. It will compete on two fields. soon it will be possible to download the registration form from the website. I remind you that each nation can only present one team.